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Rubbing Dots® Muscle Pain Relieving Cream, Arthritis, Elbow, Knee, Back

Rubbing Dots Pain Cream with Aloe, Arnica, Boswellia, Calendula, Menthol, MSM, and Shea Butter. For the temporary pain relief of muscles and arthritis

Rubbing dots is a natural, non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and long-lasting pain-relief cream, with a proprietary formulation. It is fast and effective in the treatment of arthritis & musculoskeletal pain. Made in the USA with the highest quality and clinically proven certified organic and non-organic ingredients.

Our proprietary head, consisting of five (5) medical grade Stainless Steel Spheres functions as a multi roll-on, but with a very important improvement: it has a valve that allows you to dispense the exact amount that you wish to use, and at the same time avoids any impurity from reaching the content inside the dispenser. You don’t have to rub it with your hands because the spheres (dots) are the ones rubbing the cream. You can wash the head with water and soap and you can sanitize it with alcohol.

It has a cool soft aroma, that soothes and relaxes you, and the shea butter moisturizes your skin.