“Unbelievable! I had a nagging right shoulder and neck pain and my daughter recommended I buy this 🎉🎉🎉 thank God! Because it was amazing 10/10. I have tried a bunch of creams and this one I used it twice and the pain has not returned. I cannot recommend it enough and will put it on auto delivery if I could 👍also you don’t get your fingers dirty which is a plus ❤️”


“Excellent product! Fast acting. It's helping me to relax muscles and relieve pain.”

Gonzalo J.

“Works wonders for neck and shoulder’s muscular tension. Easy to use, instant relief and soothing aroma. In love with this product”

Lisa P.

“Wonderful product. my patients can't stop talking about how it has helped them with just one use. We are running low already within 1 month since we introduced this product in the office”

Dr. Jean-Charles

“Hello, I love this creme because of its high quality ingredients and the creative dots that made my injury feel good.  I used it on my neck and shoulders, back and any injury I have had. I recently fell off my bike and after I iced my arm and back I applied the rubbing dots to the area at least 2-3 times a day, and it helped with the pain, and bruising. Thank you to the creator of the creme and its delivery system. You don't need to use your fingers to apply.”


“5/5 amazing product! I originally bought it at my chiropractor’s office, but moved far and couldn’t get it from her anymore. Thank God I found it here, because my knees can’t do without this product. I don’t get my hands dirty, it doesn’t smell and the massaging spheres are great.” 

Barbara T.